I am currently looking for a mid level marketing or sales job.  If you know of any available positions, please let me know.  I prefer small to medium companies (less than 500 employees) and prefer to be located in either San Francisco or an expat package in Taipei, Malaysia, or (Shanghai/Beijing) China paying in USD.

If you find me the job that I can accept, I can award a bounty of one of the following:

Dinner with me or a date at a fine (i.e. expensive) San Francisco establishment
1 Coach airline ticket to either Europe or Asia.
2 domestic coach tickets or 1 FC Domestic ticket.
$200 Cash

Oh yes, my gratitude is free!


I haven’t cooked breakfast in a while, so I decided to attempt to make an open faced egg creation I had when I was in Sweden.

2 Slices of Toast
2-3 tbs Skagen Ost or Kalles Kaviar
2 Eggs
2 Slices Cheese
Dried Parsley
Black Pepper.

Toast Bread, Lightly butter

Take Skagen Ost and spread onto toast.

Place cheese onto toast and place back into toaster over until melted. (sorry out of focus)

Heat up buttered pan on low, and add 2 eggs. Lightly sprinkle black pepper, paprika, and dried parsley on top of eggs. Cook until desired state.

Place egg onto melted cheese. Fold in half and enjoy!

It tastes a LOT better than it looks.