Don’t freak out if you look online today and see the quoted fares much higher than they were yesterday. That’s because of a new law effective today requiring all travel providers–meaning airlines, travel websites, and travel agents– to only advertise pricing inclusive of all taxes and government fees. No more misleading advertising listing $99 one way fares to Europe only to get dinged with a “fuel surcharge” or “taxes” for 500+ and paying 700+ roundtrip. However, please do be careful. The new rules for advertising only are applicable to the required taxes and fees. Be aware that extras such as premium seating or baggage fees are not required to be included in the published advertising, but are required to be disclosed on the website at the time of purchase.

On another note, other changes effective today are as follows:
1. Reservations may be held for up to 24 hours before payment.
2. Cancellations are allowed within 24 hours of booking as long as that booking is before 7 days before the flight.
3. Passengers must be promptly notified of delays of 30 minutes or more.